Monday, August 1, 2011

Guilty Pleasure~~~

What if one day you woke up in the morning realizing everything has come to an end?
What if one day you open up your eyes and you know what left is only tears and pain?
What if one day you stand in the middle of your room and what left is only the memories?
The laughter during your pillow talk.
The smile she gave you when shes doing her hair..
The face she have while she was ironing your clothes...
The smell of her freshness after bath...
What if one day you came back home from work, open up your door and you realize she'll never hug you and reach your hand again?
What if one day while you were watching the television and her favorite movies is running its show?
That is when you know you can never hear her laughter and her babble ever again..
What if one day you were doing your shopping and you stopped at her favorite chocolate or maybe her favorite candy... realizing what left is only the undeniable pain...

You just have to put all your thoughts together and this is the time when you analyze and realize what goes wrong..
Is it you?
Is it her?
Is it the situation?

What is relationship to you?
How do you view having someone you love devoting her life to you?

Relationship is not only about saying the three magic words.
Relationship is neither simple nor complicated.

Isn't it the best relationship to just wake up in the morning and you know shes beside you on bed?
When you can just kiss her forehead before she open up her eyes.
When you can just cuddle her before bath..
When you can just look at her face and know how much she loves you..

Wouldn't it touch your heart just by walking towards her while she was standing by the balcony... hug her from behind and kiss her right cheek?
And you so know that she really appreciate it when she leaned her body to you...holding your hands tighter..

Don't you know how great the feeling is when you knew she's making dinner and you just sit by her side seeing her act and smile together?

Wouldn't it be a relief when you came back home from a stressful day at work and shes there waiting ... holds your hand and whisper to your ears how much she misses you?

Relationship is bigger than saying I LOVE YOU.


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