Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weddings anyone?

Hye everyone!!!!!...weddings.. it is wonderful that u can make them happy...

Aju..congratulations on ur wedding.. x leh nak describe mcm mane hepinye aku dapat jadi part of the family..thanks sebab bagi kepercayaan pada aku. urm...but sorry bout the cake.. (budak waiter tu dah kene jerit dengan aku..sorry tak niat nak rude but die kene responsible dengan kek ko tu)

Anyway, aku jadi ala-ala wedding planner utk wed aju.. buat tangga, bilik pengantin, ambik kek, hantaran...penat? huish..penat gile.. tapi..kepuasan yang aku dapat bile tengok aju & hubby plus the family hepi, buat aku sgt2 gembira and hilang semua penat aku...

Sorry aju aku tak pakai baju kurung time weding ko..(susah nak lari sana-sini)

Ape2 pun...i hope u enjoy ur wedding n i hope i've done everything according to wat u u aju!


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that I am the one who leave the first comment on this new topic. Since, I promised to be very honest, there goes my comment:-

Well I don't know what was the budget but I believe that it was just a moderate one(sederhana) coz based on item used.(I might be wrong since my comment just based on the pictures uploaded here).

It was too simple(simple is nice but if it is too simple,it can never be too much)

The yellow colour used was serened, not too shining and flashing (I like that)

For overall decoration's rating, I give you 3 out of 5(There are rooms for improvement and you might prove me wrong nextime, he.he.)

For personal sacrifices and friendship's rating, I give you a full flush (5 out of 5) since you dare to take leave just to fulfill the dream of the bride who is the bestfriend of yours.

Don't give up K.Have a wonderful weekend.

"It is always a pleasure to meet and know you"

aju said...

hey org bwh, u shud give her 20 out of 10 for her personal sacrifies :)

die la yg cuti, stay decorate dr pg smpai ptg, yg beli brg, runner amik sirih junjung (bengong btul bleh terlupa), amik kek, handle majlis, sibuk sana sini, and at the end die yg demam!

nways, i loveeee everything that u have done dear. sangat berpuas hati ok. and thanks so very much for everything. really appreciate that.

and thanks again sayang! love u so much!

p/s : i owe u a pizza ok! :D

min said...

haha..aju..doakan aku dapat jodoh pun da cukup..

Anonymous said...

pandai gak ko buat...