Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confused of LoVe...

What is the meaning of love?

I never understand what love means. Someone told me love is wen u found the rite person for u. What if, only u feel that he/she is the rite person for u but it's never real?

Let me tell u a story about a gurl who fall in love with a man who she'll never be able to be with.

There's this gurl who've known a man, she never thought that she'll be a fren to him who is someone known by almost everyone..even the judges know this man. They've known each other for 4 months..gonna be 5 months.

"'s a pleasure to get to know u n ur family members...What a happy family u have there (",)..Neways, send my regards to ur siblings k..nite"

"Me too,hapy je talking to you, but dont u think its normal? takut nanti u cakap semak je i ni..any complication in kl just buzz me...Now that is a friend!"

"Nite..sweet dreams..hope dis relationship last..."

"Slowly to patch up things..heart broken, u know how it feels rite? Its a tragic love lost. Nothing much left. To get trough it's good enuff. But there's always a blessing i'm disguise..."

So.... The man is in the process of divorce. He's married for a while.. something goes wwrong somewhere...things came up, they decided to bring matter to court for a divorce.

So i asked myself, what is she hoping from this man?

She wanted his love... LOVE? Is there any space in his heart to actually love da gurl?

"Don't u think sincerity is the key to a good heart (",) that is my practice...honesty is the key to good relation. Most of us lost that..its very sad.."

"Our feelings is like a dark tunnel, if theres a lite, u'll definitely see it..whenever ur near, its getting brighter.."

Gurl : "Have u seen ur lite?"

"I've seen it but it's gone recently, n i saw a new 1, n its brighter than i thought..."

"Suddenly i miss u...i'm sorry but that's the fact...sorry"

What would da gurl feel when she reads all this? Is there love for her? Is she the lite the man was seeing? Confused? I'm confused..she's confused...

"I a love lost that will neva be cured, i tried to imagine and try seeing other people but can't...seriously i nak berkahwin dengan perempuan yang sentiasa menutup auratnya...when u cross my mind i smile...maybe a wake to my daydream..."

"I wanted to call u every nite..but..."

"I miss u when suddenly u cross my mind, miss ur text, n wonder if i were meant to go out with someone like u, thats the trusth..i want a good wife..."

"I want a good n humble wife..who can accept my poor family.."

"I takut i can't give my all to my companion...but again i'm totally back to my ownself.."

"Let me finish my court case then we can do some outing.."

"Ya Allah, Kau lindungilah dia, Kau berikanlah kekuatan dan ketenangan pada hatinya, Kau teuhkanlah imannya, Kau berikanlah rahmatMU kepadanya..kerana aku terlalu menyayangi jiwanya...AMIN"

"I'm scared i will let u down 1 day.."

It's hurting rite??? really hurts see her smiling face out of all the hope he gave...Isn't all this u call hope? I don't understand are good in giving false hope..sometimes they didn't even realise that they are giving hope.. Sigh... We are just woman.. A normal being with hearts...

"I will never say goodbye to you..we will get to know each other 1 day darl.."

"We'll be connecting with each other whatever happens kay"

"I'm getting a lot of crap lately from people, maybe its a test, so i'm a bit piss off, so i decided to just go a way..I want to c u personally sometimes..maybe we can talk bout life so that we can get to know each other from there.."

"Allah telah menjanjikan pasangan yang sesuai bagi setiap insan..kalau ada jodoh kita bersama, will be it..thats the finale of all."

"But i'm scared if i can't deliver what u be a good husband.."

"I know...i don't want to be balme for even giving a little hope to u.."'s heart breaking. He is giving her some hope...She promised to wait. Is it worth the wait? Will this story end happily ever after?

"Ya, bertukar pandangan, senyum, bersalaman ke sekadar berkawan? Dan bila cinta mula berputik, tak tidur malam, mengenangkan jadi pasangan dan bila jadi kenyataan..yang nyatanya, telah banyak yang kita harung, kadangkala rasa bebas, kadangkala terkurung, kita pernah berpisah dan kembali berpiah dan kembali. Kembali kerana pengorbananmu kuhargai..."

"I can feel u dear..yup...can u wait if it takes time to fix my broken pieces..I like u though.."

"Bukan, selalunya orang yang paling kita sayanglah yang paling susah untuk disayang, sebab orang yang kita sayanglah yang kerap melukakan hati kita.."

That is so tru..the one we love will hurt us the most. Prove? She loves much...that she'll do anything for him. HE asked to wait..she agreed. She actually allows him to be in her heart...

Then i said...tinggalkan space untuk diri sendiri... I don't one anyone to give 100% love to's not wrong.. but u have to love urself before u can love anyone else... Wen he/she's gone..u'll not be broken into pieces... u'll cry of course...but it's a one nite that the next day, u'll wake up..sum1 new.

"Sape yang cakap u terhegeh-hegeh, assumption that is totally negative, i cleared my self to's how u take it..on my side, bout u is positive, it's only the matter of time..."

There are people saying that big boy. She called..seems like it's very difficult for u to pick up her calls.

She text takes u the whole watch to reply..What does this show? Ignorant?

"Rindulah dekat u.."

Na'ah..big problem.

"Betul, i feel like just wanna go to u, hug n kiss u.."

This is bad...

"I realize each time i don't call u or see u that is the time where each star dat brighten up the sky will drp..i don't wanna loose u"

It's getting worst...

"Baby gurl, i'm sory kay..too many things to rush till i fogot.."

"I'm in prison of love wreck, everything here are all heartbreaking..i can feel a bit of happiness n see a little spark of lite...hoping its star.."

Gurl : "The lite will never be a star weh u urself doesn't give it a chance to be the star..hope is not enough..its courage..and effort"

"It takes a bit more than courage and effort..there will be the time that patience get its

That's everythng before she decided to make it a's a never ending love story. I wonder if it's really love, or it's only some sweet word from a sweet talker..just like someone i know back in university...Sigh.. This is so painful. Wen she decided to put a stop to it, he says don't...he need to be loved.. If i were to see him, i'll definitely say this to his face..."allow her to love u.. u are killing her heart..her day and nites.."

After few days..the phone's him.. giving suggestion...bout something big..nop..not a wedding... it's a business partnering.
And the gurl actually contributed.. wen i asked y..she says.. " i trust him. he'll never betray my trust..mebe i can't be his life partner but mebe by being his business partner, i can be near him.. at least i can meet him.. or he can call me bout the stuff and all.. mebe not about love coz its not there..i know".. and she cried.. shh..don't cry baby gurl.. u've gone tru a lot more than this in life..

U know wat..she says.. Its because i've gone tru a lot that i'm now tired..i wanted a stop to all this..

May ALLAH hear all ur prayers...


A RONIN said...

(1) Well well welll...someone is in love.....or confused love.....

(2) You want a love relationship. he wants a BUSINESS relationship. hmm... that doesnt sound right to me... both of you want two diffrent things.

(3) But hey, when youre 60 you'll regret the things you didnt do than the things that you did...

Anonymous said...

x tau nk ckp pe...

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