Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reality check...

He hurt me!

What did he do?

He touched me wen i was asleep..he invited his friends to try me..

Shit! R u saying, he raped u?



It's a pleasure to get to know u..

But u r a married man..

I'm getting a divorce..

When? what will they say? I caused the divorce?

No! We only know each other when i'm in the process of the divorce..

I'm afraid u'll juz play me with ur words..u r good at it.

Why r u saying this?

When u feel lonely, wen u feel in need..if u feel down..u'll text me, u'll call me.. u gave me all the hope in the world..but wen u don't need me..u'll be gone..not 4 a while..u make me wait and there hope or it's just a dream...u're killing me.


But he never calls anymore...

Did u call him?

No. I'm afraid if he refuse to pick up my calls.

Then don't. Let him be.

But I love him. I waited for him. everyone was already there. The family, neighbours...Imam.. but he failed to show up.

Maybe he's not ready.

But this is not the first time he did this to me.

Leave him. Let him be. Stop hurting urself.


I kissed her lips.

U sure u r doing the rite thing?

I love her..

But she's a gurl..

Wat's wrong with that?

U r telling me that u falling in love with a gurl?



I dont trust guys anymore...

That easy?

It's never been more difficult than this.

U r killing me with ur confession.

I'm dead long ago..i'm dead since i'm 17...



U know some one..u fall in love..the next thing u know, the one u love hurts u.

Or mebe, u hate to fall in love cause u were trap in ur past. the pain and the hurt kills ur lfeeling to be in love.

Or mebe u are a gay or lesbian...that u can't give ur heart to anyone same like everyone.

U may also be the one who was so ready to get married but ur future husband/wife didn't turn up on ur wedding day.

This is the reality some of us are facing. Believe it or not? That's the truth. Tust me i know..

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Anonymous said...

tp jgn buat benda mengarut...yg halal itu jelas n yg haram itu jelas.knape nak takwil lg?...