Monday, February 14, 2011

If I am no one to u...

If i am no one to u.. please just let me go. Tell me that u hate i'll understand. Tell me that u don't need me, then i'll move on. Tell me it's an empty wait, so i'll just try to ease the pain.

I am so sick and tired playing your game.

I'll just stop.

I'll just move one.

Once the time ends.

And I will never turn back.

That's my promise.

You'll suffer the way you make me suffer.


Anonymous said...

kgkdg mereka hya cari kite bila mereka perlu en kite. .takot utk lepas en kite krn xmau bersendirian tanpa teman. .
dan kadangkala, mereka mahu en kite, ttpi takot dek masa lampau akn berulang lg, xmo di kecewa en lg.
takot dgn diri sendiri dan confius. .they dunno wut they want in their life. .
we jus move on n b strong. .bes way is, try to let it go from our heart n our mind. belive in our self. chill k! insyaAllah evrythin will b fine :)

min said...

i like it when u say "insyaAllah everything will be fine"..