Friday, September 16, 2011

Why gamble?

"Why do we gamble ourselves in a relationships when we don't even know if it will last?"

What is it with relationships?
Do I need to have one?
All this while.. I decided to be in many relationships.
With few names that are still in my book.
And there are names that are in my history book.
The question remains.
Why do i gamble myself to be in a relationship when i don't even know it will last?
What caused me to be in a relationship?
To devote my life to a person that at the end of the day is just another stranger.
Walking side by side pretending not knowing each other.
Not having the chance to even have a drink and chat.
Why do fail relationships lead us to hatred?
Not allowing those names to be in the book of friendship?
I wonder.
Why do people gamble just to be with someone they love.
Be it a woman or a man.
It remains the same.
It's for the love that we always thought remains forever.
Then. If its forever...
Why must there be tears and pain.
Betrayal and hurt?
Why gamble your friendship just for a relationship that you disagree with.
Do friends do that?
Decide and judge.
I don't know anymore.
Love. Friendship. Relationships.
Its never the same anymore.
It is one painful gamble.
As for me.
I believe in true friendship.
Devote my life to an undeniable relationship.
Praying for it to last.
No more tears.
No more.
Just no more.
Not from friends.
Not from the one person i love.

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